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Tips to Fight Travel Bloat

Tips to Fight Travel Bloat

Have you ever heard of “jet belly?” It’s that puffy, bloated feeling you get after flying… And scientists say it happens because the gas inside your stomach tends to expand at a higher altitude.1 I know I’ve personally experienced it… And it can be so uncomfortable to...
Maggie’s Time Hacks

Maggie’s Time Hacks

If you’re like me, you might feel like time passes by more quickly as you get older. So if you’ve ever wished you could slow down time, I want to share a trick with you: You actually can “hack” the passing of time. ⏳ And no, you don’t need a time machine! See, time...

Motivational Tips

“Maggie, I’m starting to lose steam on my health goals. Do you have any tips for staying motivated?” I get sent this kind of message A LOT. And look, I totally get it. As the excitement of starting a new health goal fades, many people revert to old habits they were...