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“Maggie, I’m starting to lose steam on my health goals. Do you have any tips for staying motivated?”

I get sent this kind of message A LOT.

And look, I totally get it.

As the excitement of starting a new health goal fades, many people revert to old habits they were trying to kick.

And to be honest, I haven’t progressed with my reading goal as much as I’d like… so I could use a “motivation refresh,” too!

So to help you stay (or get back!) on track — I put together some helpful motivation tips:

Maggie’s “Motivation Manual”

Tip #1 Reflect on your goals at least once a week

Every Monday I sit down with my journal and review my “big picture” goals — and I suggest you do the same.

Ask yourself things like: How am I feeling about my goals? Should I up the ante, keep everything the same, or dial things back a bit?

The key here is to be HONEST about how you’re feeling…

And the best part? You get to look back on each week, and see how far you’ve come!

Tip #2 Focus on your “why”

Instead of focusing on how difficult something might be, like going for a jog or eating more veggies —

Focus on the personal reason you want to achieve this goal. I call this your “deep-rooted why.”

This should be very personal to YOU and go beyond the “broader” goal. Expand on WHY that goal is important to you.

For example: Do you want to make sure you’re active and agile to play with your grandkids? Do you want to feel trim and confident on vacation?

Or maybe you get a rush of “feel good” hormones after going on a brisk walk, which helps you laugh more with loved ones?

(For me, I LOVE having lots of energy to play and hike with my 3 dogs… and I also want to stay fit and focused for long days on set!)

Tip #3 Seek out support

When it comes to motivation, I find it SO helpful to have support from like-minded people, so I can share whatever I’m going through… the good and the bad.

And if you’re not sure who to turn to — don’t worry! There’s TONS of resources online, like Facebook and Meetup, with health groups dedicated to offering support.

There, you can talk through any hurdles you’re facing, get tips on how to overcome them, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Tip #4 Be KIND to yourself

Let’s be honest. No one is perfect 100% of the time.

Did you have an “off” week? That’s ok. Did you order an indulgent dessert? That’s fine. Did you skip the gym? That’s alright. Seriously!

Instead of dwelling on any shortcomings (we all have them)…

Get back on that horse, pat yourself on the back, and stay positive. ☀️

Plus — did you know people who remain positive are actually physically healthier, too?

Multiple studies have shown there’s a significant link between having a positive outlook and health benefits, like better weight control and healthier blood sugar levels.1

That’s some serious stuff!

So remember to tell yourself, “I GOT THIS!”

Better yet, say it aloud as you read this blog post.

Because you do! ♡

Tip #5 Write down one specific “micro-goal” each day

Yep — I’m talking teensy, tiny goals.

Micro-goals help break down the large task into manageable, bite-sized parts each day.

See, while tons of people paint their goals in broad strokes…

Like “run a 10K” or “read 10 books” —

I suggest you break up the bigger goal into smaller pieces instead. What could you achieve today?

And there are 2 very important steps to this daily habit:

  1. Make sure the micro-goal is achievable today
  2. Write it down to increase your chances of success.

Because guess what? In one study, people who actually wrote down their goals became 42% more likely to achieve them.

If you ask me, that’s a pretty impressive increase!

What’s more, reaching these small goals regularly can help you feel accomplished each day —

Which in turn, can boost both your mood and motivation levels.

So not only can this tip help you reach your “big picture” goals successfully…

It can also help you feel more upbeat and confident in yourself.

So here’s an exercise for you, which I suggest you do right after you read this email:

Grab a pen and some paper (preferably a notebook, so you can make this an ongoing habit)…

And write down a “big” goal you have this year.

Then, write down one small step you can take TODAY to make that “bigger picture” goal happen.

So there you have it…

Whatever goals you have, take it one step at a time.

I believe in you!

Plus, here’s a quick bonus exercise if you need an added boost of motivation:

Neatly handwrite your goals on a piece of paper — and paste them on your fridge.

Then, print out this blog post, and place it right next to your goals.

That way, you can be reminded of your goals AND these motivation tips every day, with hardly any extra effort.

Remember: You got this!