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Have you heard of The Ice Man? ❄️

And no I’m not talking about some arctic superhero.

I’m talking about Wim Hof — a Dutch athlete whose unconventional lifestyle has influenced the way we look at
health and longevity.

He’s done some pretty incredible things, including breaking the world record for the longest ice bath…

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in shorts (where mountain peak temperature reached lower than 0°F!)…

And running half marathons… barefoot… in the snow.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, as crazy as it sounds…

I think we can learn something from The Ice Man!

See, he uses a technique combining cold exposure and breathwork to help “hack his physiological system.”

And studies have shown his unique technique can have some pretty powerful health effects —

Like increased blood flow, more comfortable muscles, a healthy immune system, and even lower stress levels.

But if running a snow-laden half marathon isn’t your thing…

I’m right there with you!

(In fact, I don’t recommend it. Most humans like you and me aren’t meant to endure freezing temps.)

Luckily, you don’t have to go to “Ice Man extremes” to get similar benefits.

Thanks to Wim Hof — scientists are looking into the health benefits of something much more accessible:

A cold shower.

One study asked participants to take a 68°F shower for 5 minutes twice per week…

(That’s just slightly below room temperature…)

And guess what?

Almost all participants experienced better moods and even a healthier immune system.1

And another study in the Netherlands found those who took a cold shower for just 30-90 seconds reported feeling significantly healthier at work —

And they called in sick an impressive 29% less often than those who didn’t take a cold shower.2

Many think this is because cold water can help “wake up” your cardiovascular system and nervous system… which can make you feel more active and alert.

And speaking from my experience, taking a cold shower is an invigorating way to start the day.

Sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable at first…

But I always feel so refreshed and energized afterward.

This is why I recommend you try adding a couple of “cool showers” to your weekly health routine.

After all, they’re linked to some pretty impressive health benefits, like better moods AND a healthy immune system!