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There are many ways to use apple cider vinegar (ACV). You might have heard that it may help with a sore throat, weight loss, bad breath, and more. Or, maybe you’ve heard that ACV can revitalize skin or be used as a cleaning product.1

Do the results justify the hype? Here’s a look at some of the uses and reported benefits of apple cider vinegar.

What Is ACV?

ACV is basically apple juice combined with yeast. Fermentation converts the sugar in the juice into alcohol. Bacteria then converts the alcohol into acetic acid. It’s the acetic acid that gives the liquid its vinegar-like characteristics. These include a strong smell and bitter taste.

You’ve probably seen ACV in your local grocery store. There’s a clear version and a raw, or cloudy, version. Cloudy ACV contains a stringy substance known as the “mother.” This is merely the result of enzymes produced during the fermentation process.2

ACV: Beauty, Skin Health, And Hygiene

apple cider vinegar | Activated You

People have been using ACV for years – and for many different reasons. Here are just some of the great ways to use ACV.

Facial Toner – ACV in diluted form may work great as a facial toner. ACV contains acids that may keep harmful bacteria from accumulating on the skin and causing problems.3

Additionally, ACV might help bring the skin’s pH level to where it needs to be. High PH levels in the skin can make it hard for skin to lock in moisture.4

Hair Rinse – The acidic nature of ACV could provide benefits as a hair rinse. Hair can become frizzy or damaged when exposed to alkaline hair care products. The acid in ACV could help remove some of the buildup that certain products cause overtime.5 Again, it will need to be diluted.

Bad Breath – ACV may inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath. Mix a tablespoon or two of ACV into a cup of water, and gargle for 30 seconds. Then, spit out the mixture.6

ACV: Uses Around The Home

apple cider vinegar | Activated You

ACV can definitely help around the home. Here’s a look at how you can use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room to leave your home fresh and clean.

Kitchen – Mixing an equal amount of ACV and warm water can help eliminate potentially dangerous bacteria from countertops and other surfaces. Apply it to your oven or microwave and they’ll be clean and fresh. Diluting ACV with water will keep the acid from eating away at the surfaces.7

You can also use ACV to make your dishes shine. Pour about a quarter-cup into the wash cycle. It will do a great job of removing spots from glasses and cups.8

Bathroom – If you have mildew in your bathtub or on any other bathroom surfaces, ACV may help to get rid of it. Either dilute ACV with warm water, or use ACV at full strength.9

You may also be able to clear a clogged drain with ACV. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain. Then, follow up with 1 cup of hot water and 1 cup of ACV. Wait about 10 minutes and then pour more hot water down the drain.10

Living Room – Do you like to use candles in your living room to add a cozy touch? If so, you’re probably familiar with the problem of wax spilling over and having to clean it off your furniture. ACV may help. Scrape the dried wax off the surface and then use some diluted ACV to clean up the rest.11

ACV is also good for cleaning windows. Mix 2 cups of water with ¼ of ACV, pour into a spray bottle, and watch those streaks disappear.12

If you have stains on your carpet, try mixing a gallon of hot water with a ¼ cup of ACV, pour into a steam cleaner, and run the steamer over the carpet.13

Can ACV Support Weight Loss?

glass of apple cider vinegar | Activated YouThere is also evidence that ACV might help you meet your weight loss goals. According to one study, people who consumed acetic acid felt fuller after eating than those who did not have acetic acid. The authors of the study believe that products with acetic acid, such as ACV, promote feelings of fullness. They may also be able to support healthy blood sugar levels.14

However, it’s important to note that drinking ACV, even in diluted water on a regular basis, can damage tooth enamel. It may also lead to damage of the esophagus. Talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals and whether or not you should try ACV.

The safer, and more effective way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, watch portions at mealtime, and get plenty of exercise. These methods can help you not only lose weight but also keep it off in the long term.15

Use ACV Wisely

There are many ways to add ACV to your beauty routine. You can also use it around the home to keep things fresh and clean. You can even mix a little bit of ACV with olive oil to add a kick to your salad.

But if you plan on using this liquid to support your health, talk to a doctor first to ensure you’re using ACV in the safest way possible.

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