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If you’ve been struggling to meet your weight loss goals, you might want to look at drinking tea to lose weight — along with a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise, of course.

First, I should remind you — if you’ve been doing everything right when it comes to weight loss, and are still having trouble shedding pounds, your first stop should be a doctor’s office. Your doctor may be able to shed light on any underlying issues that may be keeping you from losing weight.

But if you’re seeing progress, and want to do something to support that progress — look no further than one of the world’s most popular beverages: tea.

Most people already know about popular types of tea, like black tea, green tea, rose tea, and chai.

But there are many different types of tea. You could drink the following types of tea for your health and well-being:

  • Tea Upset Stomach | Activated YouOolong
  • Pu-erh tea
  • White tea
  • Yerba mate
  • Matcha
  • Peppermint tea

And drinking some of them (again, along with a healthy diet and exercise program) might help you hit your weight loss goals and lose some belly fat in the process.

Does Drinking Tea to Lose Weight Work?

Whether you’re trying to lose a good deal of weight or trying to shed a few pounds, weight loss and fat loss can be tough. Tea drinking alone isn’t going to help you, but if your diet and exercise plan is intact, tea drinking could prove beneficial.

Which Teas for Weight Loss Are the Best?

With these weight loss teas, you could potentially reach your target goals a little faster and enjoy the process. And if tea can be of help in your weight loss efforts, don’t you think that it’s worth trying out? Learn how different teas can help you burn fat.

White Tea — One of the Healthiest Natural Teas

White tea’s claim to fame is the ingredients are not processed. The leaves are collected and left to dry by the sun. The tea polyphenols in white tea ingredients help fight free radicals in your body. White tea is a natural way to fight those extra pounds.

Turns out, the antioxidants in white tea even block the production of fat cells in the first place.

White tea antioxidants could also help speed up the digestion of fats and help prevent fat storage.1

Furthermore, white tea contains tannins, flavonoids, and more than 34% fluoride. This amount of fluoride is proven to reduce tooth decay.2

Will Rooibos Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

Rooibos is a deep red, caffeine-free tea that is so tasty. Once you try it, you’ll keep craving the hints of citrus and nutty flavor that makes rooibos unique. And rooibos helps with appetite suppression, so if you’re hungry — drink up!

Tea to Lose Weight | Activated YouA recent study reported that rooibos can cause increased leptin release. Leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full and sends messages to your brain telling it your body is full. Rooibos is also known to prevent new fat cells from forming.3

Rooibos tea can also be the foundation of a masala chai. You mix in savory spices like ginger, pepper, and cinnamon, and heat it up with rice milk for a luscious, creamy beverage.

Green Tea for a Turbo Boost of Energy

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. It comes from the plant Camellia sinensis. Green tea contains anti-obesity, artery-widening, antibacterial, and antiviral effects.4

Green tea is also said to reduce stress hormones when consumed, so drink with breakfast and lunch for health and well-being.

Furthermore, green tea can boost your metabolic rate, support healthier energy levels, help your liver, and limit fat storage.5,6

A recent Journal of Research in Medical Sciences study mentions drinking green tea might increase metabolism and promotes a decrease in body weight, body mass index, and waist circumference.7 And in a placebo group study, green tea extract decreased lipid profiles when consumed by postmenopausal women.8

Oolong Tea for Metabolism

It’s important to take a minute and sing the praises of oolong tea. Recent studies show oolong tea’s abilities to help decrease body fat. And oolong aids weight loss goals through improving metabolic rate and how fats break down in your system. Drinking oolong tea daily may even prevent obesity.9

When the tea polyphenols in oolong metabolize fat, you’ll likely feel a boost in energy. This is a happy benefit for energy expenditure. And the taste of oolong — sweet, toasty, and herbal — will have you skipping dessert and reaching for a second cup. And a third.

Furthermore, oolong tea every day can help target fat cells when consumed. And the gentle caffeine of oolong tea can give you the energizing boost you need to conquer your exercise regimen.

Does Oolong Tea Promote Burning of Belly Fat?

To understand how oolong tea can promote burning belly fat, you have to have a bit of knowledge about the process of fat oxidation. So, let’s define it. Fat oxidation is the process of converting fat into fuel for human energy expenditure.

Tea to Lose Weight | Activated YouNow, in a significant study, oolong tea increased fat oxidation by 12%. The subjects consumed strong oolong tea instead of water.10 So, if you need a little help to burn fat, pour yourself a warm mug of oolong tea.

Peppermint Tea to Beat Your Sweet Tooth

As you prepare your weight loss goals, what’s your biggest worry? A sweet tooth can make weight loss significantly more difficult. When you’re craving sugar, it can be really hard to choose something healthy instead. But never fear, peppermint tea can help.

What makes peppermint tea so unique? It may have to do with the sweet scent of the herb. A recent study found that inhaling the scent of peppermint every couple of hours could result in a weight loss of almost 5 pounds a month.11

Researchers seem to think that peppermint prompts the reflex that tells you you’re full. To give this method a try, mix boiling water with peppermint tea leaves and breathe in the aroma of the mint as you sip.

Can Antioxidants in Tea Assist in Energy Expenditure?

As mentioned above, green tea comes from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The primary components of green tea are catechins. Catechins are disease-fighting tea antioxidants. Catechins and caffeine might help you lose weight. This is especially helpful when it comes to increasing energy expenditure.12

Other Teas for Weight Loss

The more teas you explore, the more you’ll learn about whether you prefer one type of tea over another type of tea. But even if you come across a diet tea with which you’re unfamiliar, it could be worth a taste test. For instance, dandelion tea is delicious.

Drink your healthy bitter herbs (like chamomile or dandelion tea root) before you eat. Why? Well, when consumed, these herbs help support the breaking down of fat and cholesterol.13 And if you’re sick of reading about drinking your tea, you can eat it too.

Dice up dandelion tea root and sprinkle it on top of your favorite winter soup or spring greens salad. This will add a hint of extra freshness and help break down your meal as you digest. Or, pour your tea over ice for a refreshing iced tea beverage.

Tea to Lose Weight | Activated You

Have You Heard of Pu-erh Tea?

Have you ever considered a tea cleanse? Pu-erh tea is an earthy tea made from the stems and leaves of Camellia sinensis (like green and oolong tea). And many people say Pu-erh tea helps improve sharp thinking. And pu-erh tea cleanses your system by helping to break down toxins.

The flavor of this earthy tea has quite a range — from sweet to bitter, floral to woody, and sometimes even sour. But Pu-erh aids in body weight reduction and research suggests it can also improve people’s’ Body Mass Indexes.14

Tea for Your Healthy Diet and Well-being

Nobody said losing weight was easy. Finding the time to cook healthy foods, get exercise, and count calories can be rough. It can be tough finding the time to work out, and eating healthy can be a drag if you’re not into healthy foods.

But if you can spice up your routine with the tasty teas mentioned above, you may be doing yourself a favor. Not only will you be enjoying light, refreshing beverages like unsweetened iced tea or masala chai, but you’ll also be helping your body meet those weight loss goals.

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