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If waking up early in the morning is a chore, you’re in good company. Plenty of people have problems getting up after a good night’s sleep (or certainly a bad one). It can be hard to get out of bed, so you keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock.

If you want to learn ways to wake up early, here are some tips that might help.

Tips For Becoming An Early Riser

early morning alarm clock with laptop and coffee in backgroundMany successful people are morning people. They get out of bed with a clear mind, ready to get their day going. They put the extra time they have each morning to use.

If you’d like to wake up early and enjoy more quiet time during the morning hours, there are some things you can do. And you won’t have to rush through breakfast or the rest of your morning routine.


Here are a few tips for making it a bit easier to get up early in the morning:

  • couple sleeping with moonlight glow on themStart slow – You’re probably not going to be able to change your sleep pattern overnight. You’ll want to ease into your new morning routine gradually. Start by trying to get to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual, and waking up 15 minutes earlier.1
  • Don’t sleep in on the weekends – It’s really tempting to sleep in on the days you don’t have to go to work. But if you do this, you might find it harder to get out of bed when you have to head back to the office. Instead of sleeping in on your days off, take an afternoon nap.2
  • Dim the lights – You might find it easier to get to sleep earlier if you dim the lights in your bedroom for about an hour before you’re ready to snooze. Turn off all electronics – including your phone. When it’s time to get out of bed, open your shades, and let in some natural light. This may make it easier for you to get going in the morning.3
  • Move your alarm clock – Try moving your alarm clock farther from the bed. If you have to put forth a little more effort to reach the snooze button, that might help you get up.
  • multiple alarm clocksAdd another alarm clock – Set two alarm clocks if need be. Put one by your bed and the other across the room. Make sure the second alarm is so obnoxiously loud that you can’t help but get out of bed to turn it off.4
  • Watch what you eat and drink – Pay attention to what you eat or drink – especially right before you go to bed. If you drink a soda or eat a candy bar in the evening, the caffeine might make it harder for you to get to sleep. Drinking alcohol before bedtime can also negatively affect your sleep quality.5
  • Change your bedtime routine – In order for you to be able to get to sleep, you need to be relaxed. Try changing your routine so that you do something you associate with relaxation about an hour before you go to bed. It could be listening to calming music or even taking a bubble bath.6
  • Make the bedroom a place for sleep only – Don’t use the bedroom as a place to work or exercise. Make it only for sleep. Also, think about using blackout curtains to block outside light.7

Waking Up Early: Consider This

A big key to being able to wake up early is getting great sleep the night before. If you’re having sleep trouble, it might be time to consider talking to a sleep specialist or your family doctor. A professional might be able to help you address your issue so you can finally sleep great – and wake up early.

Waking up early can provide you with quality time to be productive, enjoy time alone, or do something you love such as writing or yoga. So, why not give yourself some extra time in the morning and make the most out of your day?




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