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More than likely, the first time you learned about chlorophyll was in science class back in elementary school. It’s time to re-introduce yourself to this pigment found in plants and in many of the vegetables you eat – especially if you’re looking for ways to keep your hunger under control so that you can lose weight. Chlorophyll could not only be the solution to your hunger issues, but it could also help deliver some other significant benefits as well.

Why Chlorophyll is So Important for Plants

Chlorophyll helps give plants the energy they need to remain healthy. This pigment absorbs light, helping plants convert that light to energy through a process known as photosynthesis. If it weren’t for photosynthesis, most plants and vegetables would find it impossible to survive.1

Just about all green plants, including many of the vegetables you eat on a regular basis, contain chlorophyll. But there’s also a form of it, known as chlorophyllin, that’s available in supplement form. It’s commonly referred to as “liquid chlorophyll.” 

Chlorophyll and HungerChlorophyll | Activated You

Among the most important benefits for humans is the role it plays in helping to control hunger. And as you probably know, controlling hunger can help you reach, and stay, at a healthy weight.

In one study involving participants battling weight issues, researchers found that a combination of chlorophyll supplements with a high-carbohydrate diet plan helped control hunger. Researchers also found that the participants had higher levels of something called cholecystokinin.3 This substance, which is secreted by cells in your small intestine, is very important to digestion.4

Another study involved 20 women who were also dealing with weight problems. One group of women had a high-carbohydrate breakfast with a chlorophyll supplement. The other group had the same meal without the supplement. Researchers found that the women who took the supplement didn’t experience as much hunger later in the day. According to the results, the supplement helped to stimulate the production of hormones linked to a feeling of fullness after eating.5

Other Benefits of Chlorophyll

The benefits of chlorophyll extend far beyond hunger control. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, it may be able to help you in many other ways. Here are just a few of them:

Supports healthy iron levels – One of the health benefits of chlorophyllin is that it could help ensure that the blood contains sufficient levels of iron.<sup6

Aids in detoxification – Chlorophyll, according to research, may help detoxify your body. It is believed that it binds to toxins before your body can absorb them. Researchers found that chlorophyll benefits your body by helping it to rapidly eliminate certain toxic substances.8

Chlorophyll | Activated YouProtects DNA – Certain foods can, in some instances, damage the DNA of cells in your colon. However, according to one study, chlorophyllin could help keep that DNA healthy.9

Has antioxidant properties – Among the major health benefits of chlorophyll is the fact that it has antioxidant properties.10 This is important because an antioxidant protects the body against free radicals that are formed through the process of oxidation. Free radicals are molecules that can cause severe damage to cells and tissues.11 One study showed that a plant known as Conyza triloba, which has high levels of chlorophyll, is particularly effective in reducing free radicals.12

Fights harmful microbes – There is also evidence that chlorophyll may help to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans.13 This is a type of yeast that can cause serious health issues.14

Naturally deodorizes – One study suggests that chlorophyllin can help people suffering from a condition that results in severe body odor. Researchers found that administration of 60 mg, three times a day helped substantially reduce concentrations of a compound known as trimethylamine — the compound that causes the odor.15

Supports skin health – When applied to the skin, chlorophyllin could help reduce the signs of skin aging. According to one study, women who received the substance saw significant improvement in their skin’s appearance.16

Vegetables That Are High in Chlorophyll

To enjoy all the wonderful health benefits, you’ll want to increase your intake of certain vegetables. Here are a few of the vegetables that have the highest amounts of chlorophyll:

  • Chlorophyll | Activated YouArugula – 8.2 milligrams (mg) in a one-cup serving
  • Chinese cabbage – 4.1 mg (one cup)
  • Cress – 15. 6 mg (one cup)
  • Endive – 5.2 mg (one cup)
  • Green beans – 8.3 mg (one cup)
  • Leeks – 7.7 mg (one cup)
  • Parsley – 38 mg (one cup)
  • Spinach – 23.7 mg (one cup)
  • Sugar peas – 4.8 mg (one cup)17

Of course, you should never make any sudden changes to your diet without first talking to your doctor to make sure it’s completely safe to do so. Even though vegetables are considered to be healthy, you still need to get medical clearance.

One Last Word

As you can see, the benefits of chlorophyll are plentiful, and they include hunger control. The same substance that helps give plants the energy they need to survive can help humans in many different ways. Plenty of vegetables contain chlorophyll, but it’s also available in supplement form. If you decide that you want to increase your supply, talk to your doctor first to determine the safest way to do so.

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