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What’s the easiest way to stock your body with essential vitamins and nutrients? Give up? Drinking them!

Healthy beverages are a great addition to any dietary regimen. For starters, they require minimal prep. Whether you’re thinking about smoothies or fermented drinks, chances are you’ve already tried one or more of these healthy beverages.

But, have you tried tart cherry juice yet? Tart cherries are pretty popular as a snack in Europe, but they’re actually also gaining traction Stateside in juice form.1 And this hot new drink could be just the health addition you’re looking for. Check it out.

Know Your Cherries

Tart cherry juice goes by many names. These include:

  • Sour cherry juice
  • Montmorency cherry juice
  • Dwarf cherry juice

So if you see one of those (without added sugar), go ahead and give it a try, because the juice of the tart cherry is full of health-boosting antioxidant compounds like anthocyanins.

What Are Anthocyanins, Exactly?

Well, anthocyanins are the first thing you notice about a tart cherry. That’s because they’re responsible for the plant’s pigment and give tart cherries their distinct reddish-purple color.2 Of course, many natural medicinals contain anthocyanins as they’re believed to be an important antioxidant, quite useful to the body.

Today, several studies have found a positive correlation between anthocyanins and heart health.3 Theories center around the potential for anthocyanins to reduce arterial stiffness.

Now, you can also get anthocyanins from blueberries, beets, and pomegranates. But, there are other incredible benefits to getting your antioxidants from the tart cherry.

Is Tart Cherry Juice Best?

Heart Health

Research has shown that sustained blood pressure support in association with anthocyanins (like those found in tart cherries). And healthy blood pressure could help lower risk of several other conditions.4

Insomnia Support

Another study looks at the potential insomnia-fighting capabilities of the tart cherry. In fact, it’s possible according to this research, that the tart cherry could provide up to 90 minutes more sleep each night. One major reason for this is that tart cherries have more melatonin than any other fruit.5,6 Of course, melatonin is the natural hormone that controls sleep.

Kidney Function

The tart cherry may also help support uric acid level regulation. Normally, uric acid is a byproduct of food breakdown. It is filtered by the kidneys. So, it stands to reason that issues with the kidneys could lead to an excess of uric acid. Several studies show that the juice might lower uric acid levels in small amounts.8,9

Muscle Recovery

Athletes often use certain foods and supplements to help their bodies recover after an intense workout. One study on soccer players showed that tart cherry juice decreased muscle soreness. It also might reduce a major inflammation marker.10

Tart Cherry Juice In Review

So, whether you choose sour cherry juice or tart cherry juice concentrate, this fruit has a lot to offer.

Remember, there are several brands of tart cherry juices out there, but many of these brands have added sugar. Instead of store-bought juice, consider making your own! It’s so easy.

Simply remove the cherry pits and plop the fruit in your juicer/blender. Filter out the pulp afterward for a smoother drink. That’s all it takes!

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