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It’s amazing how just a few little words can really turn your whole day around…

Like when you’re having a lousy day at work… and someone takes a moment to tell you what an amazing job you’re doing.

Or when a special someone calls to say “I love you” — just because.

So it’s no WONDER that when it comes to your health…

Words are (almost) as important as diet and exercise — especially if you’re trying to slim down.

Motivation | Activated YouIt all comes down to one thing: motivation.

When you’re motivated to reach a goal, it feels easier to do all those little tasks to help you get there… From grocery shopping and meal planning, to gym time and doctor’s appointments.

But let’s say something comes up that obliterates your motivation (like stress at work, or the holidays, for instance).

Well… a new study found that when it feels impossible to get back on track…

Words can help.

You see, the study followed a group of women as they took exercise classes — and it looked at how the instructors talked to the students during class.

Some of the instructors tried to motivated students by talking about things like blasting fat and destroying cellulite… while other instructors focused on how strong and powerful their students were.

And it turned out, the students who spent their workouts hearing about how amazing their bodies already are… were more motivated (and even excited) to go back to the gym the next day!1

So what’s the takeaway?

If you’ve got a big health goal… think powerful.

Need a little more help? Here’s how to start:

Set a Positive Intention

Start with a little self-appreciation, and go from there.

For example: “I love how strong I am — and I want to keep getting stronger in 2019” instead of “I don’t like how I look, and I want to lose weight.”

And it works outside the gym, too…

“A vacation would make me so happy — I want to take steps to afford one” instead of “I’ve been spending too much money. I need to stop.”

Motivation | Activated YouSeek Out Affirmations

If you go to one of those workout classes where EVERYONE is talking about their weight — and no one is being positive — switch to another, more body-positive class.

Or try working out on your own — maybe with some positive affirmations playing instead of just music. You’ll end your workout feeling GREAT!

Practice Daily Positivity

Keep a notebook next to my bed — and make it a point to write down something positive about yourself each night, before bed…

Whether you’ve just gotten a new haircut and feel great… or you’re proud about everything you checked off your to-do list.

Then, when you’re feeling unmotivated, read back over that list to remind yourself how GREAT you are!

So, as you go about your day, keep in mind: words matter.

Do your best to surround yourself with empowering words. Remember — you’re strong. You’re tough. You’re dedicated. And you’re more than capable of accomplishing each and every one of your goals.

1. Renee Engeln, Margaret Shavlik, Colleen Daly. Tone it Down: How Fitness Instructors’ Motivational Comments Shape Women’s Body Satisfaction. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 2018; DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2017-0047