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Has anyone ever told you to “act your age?”

If they did… it was probably when you were doing something fun or unexpected. Or, when you were doing something that embarrassed your kids.

Well, scientists have proven once and for all that “acting your age” is overrated — especially if you want to feel youthful and energized for years to come.

You see, according to a paper presented to the American Psychological Association, people who act younger… LIVE younger.

That means improved cognition… more happiness… a longer lifespan…

And best of all: A better quality of life!

Don't Act Your Age | Activated YouThis groundbreaking research serves as an important reminder — to do something “young” every day. Maybe you wear that awesome outfit that might be “too young for you” — but makes you feel like a rockstar. Or perhaps you turn up the music and dance while doing the dishes.

You could also splurge on tickets to that “guilty pleasure” concert — even if everyone else in the crowd will be 19 years old.

And if anyone tells you to “grow up” or “act your age” — go ahead and let them in on your little secret… that you’re acting the age you feel.

While improving your health, too!