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Advanced Restorative Probiotic

Essential Skin Food

Skin Nourishing Collagen Support Complex

440 Reviews 4.6 stars based on 440 Customer Reviews

Essential Skin Food is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve skin that looks and feels smooth, tight, and youthful at any age. Made with 6 plant-based skin nourishing compounds, this formula works to encourage healthy collagen production — your skin’s main building blocks — for firmer, plumper-looking skin from head to toe.

With just one capsule a day, you can help: *

  • Support your skin’s natural “plumpness” — for fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines
  • Encourage healthy cell-turnover — so skin looks smooth, supple, and radiant all day long 
  • Fight elastin breakdown that can result in sagging skin — to visibly tighten and firm up skin texture  
  • Fight skin-damaging free-radicals — to promote a clear, hydrated, and healthy-looking complexion

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.

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How to Use Take 1 capsule daily with a full glass of water, preferably with food.


We want you to feel just as confident with our carefully-crafted formulas as we do. That’s why every formula you purchase is protected by our ActivatedYou® Promise. If you’re not thrilled with your product for any reason, simply return it within 90 days – used or unused – and our top-notch customer service team will refund your purchase price.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Meet the Ingredients:

Dermaval™: This natural collagen-booster uses phytonutrient compounds like Pomegranate Extract, Coffeeberry, Quercetin, and Camu Camu to fight elastin breakdown in the body and support skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Vitamin C: As a natural antioxidant, Vitamin C can help fight off skin-damaging free radicals — to help you achieve brighter, more radiant-looking skin.* 1

Triple Amino Acid Complex: Amino acids are the building blocks of collagen in the body — which is why Essential Skin Food contains Lysine, and L-Proline. Each work synergistically to help plump and tighten skin texture over time.* 2

Cosmythic™: This polyphenol-rich skin elixir is known for its ability to “energize” old fibroblasts in the body (the cells responsible for collagen production) — for radiant, youthful-looking skin at any age.

*Individual results can and will vary.


What Are The Main Ingredients In Activated You Essential Skin Food?

30 Capsules

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 10 mg 10%
Calcium (as Dicalcium Phosphate) 50 mg 4%
L-Lysine HCI 75 mg
Dermaval™ Blend
(Pomegranate Extract 40%, Asparagus, Okra, CoffeeBerry® Extract 40%, Quercetin, Acerola Extract 25%, Maltodextrin, Acai, Mangosteen, Camu Camu)
50 mg
L-Proline 50 mg
Cosmythic™ French Maritime Pine Bark Extract 40 mg

†Daily Value Not Established

Who should use Essential Skin Food?
Essential Skin Food is designed for anyone who wants to improve the overall appearance and texture of their skin from head to toe. It can be especially beneficial if you’ve noticed your skin has started to sag, wrinkle, or become “dull” over time. This formula works to restore a primary cause of visible skin aging: Low collagen levels. By helping your body support its natural collagen production, you can enjoy a younger, radiant appearance at any age. * 

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary. 

What makes Essential Skin Food different from other collagen supplements? 
Unlike the majority of collagen supplements, Essential Skin Food is a natural collagen builder, and actually contains zero animal-based collagen. Instead, it’s made up of 100% plant-based ingredients that help SUPPORT natural collagen growth within your body. By ingesting collagen from another animal, you can “replace” your own. Because this is a completely plant-based formula, it can easily fit into most diets.*   

How can I tell if I need a collagen supplement? 
Natural collagen production starts to slow in our mid-30s — and by age 40, your body loses collagen faster than it can make it. Typically, you start to notice it in your skin first — through sagging skin, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. But soon, it can take a toll on your joints, nails, hair, and even digestion. That’s why I recommend taking a daily collagen supplement as soon as possible, to help you feel more confident in your appearance and overall health.  

Does Essential Skin Food contain any animal-based collagen? 
No! Essential Skin Food contains zero animal-based ingredients. Instead, it’s an 100% plant-based collagen supporter.  That’s why Essential Skin Food combines plant-based vitamins, minerals, herb-extracts, and essential amino-acids to support your natural collagen production — for smooth skin, healthy nails, strong hair, and sturdy tissue throughout the body.* 3

Can I expect to notice other benefits? 
Absolutely! After all, collagen is the #1 protein in your entire body — and aside from your skin, it also keeps your hair, nails, bones, and even gut strong and healthy. So don’t be surprised if after taking Essential Skin Food,  your hair starts looking a bit shinier, your joints feel more limber, or you notice your digestion is smoother than normal. 

How should I take Essential Skin Food? 
Making Essential Skin Food a part of your daily routine is easy. Simply take 1 easy-to-swallow capsule with a full glass of water once a day. That’s it!    

Can I purchase Essential Skin Food in stores?
We’ve decided to keep this formula online-only. This way, we can cut out the middleman, and pass all savings directly to you.

How pure is Essential Skin Food?
Like all of our ActivatedYou® formulas, Essential Skin Food was designed with quality and purity as the #1 priority. Our products are formulated with natural, plant-based compounds, and every batch is carefully tested for quality and potency at an independent, 3rd party facility. 

What if Essential Skin Food doesn’t work for me?
We understand that everyone’s skin is different — which is why your order is covered by our 90-day ActivatedYou® Promise. If you’re not thrilled with your results for any reason, simply reach out to your customer care team to learn the easiest way to send back your bottles, and we’ll issue a full refund of your purchase price — even if you’ve used the entire supply! 

What is in Essential Food Skin?

*Individual results can and will vary.

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5

Feb 6 2023   Essential Skin Food

“I am happy to be taking this supplement, though I have only been taking it for a couple months. So far, I am happy with this product. Nobody has remarked on improvements, but I expect noticeable results will ensue. Thank you.”

5 out of 5

Feb 5 2023   Love love love this product

“This is my first bottle and I already notice positive changes in my skin everywhere on my body. Age spots are definitely fading as I have always loved the sun. I am a health nut in my 60s and have been since I’ve been in my 20s. Noone can ever guess my age, and everyone is usually in disbelief when I reveal it… I pride myself in health and well-being.! My whole adult life, I have minimized sugar ,maximized fresh organic fruits /veggies and red meat maybe 1-2 times a year over the last 2 years otherwise none since age 36. No soda consumption since I was in my 20s , drink 64 oz water daily forever and I take several supplements but no medication‘s. I have always been at a great weight minus having 3 babies . I absolutely love good supplements and this one seems exceptional… I bought three bottles so I will let you know how it goes…”

4 out of 5

Jan 30 2023   Review

“Still on first bottle, but my skin seems more hydrated, need more time to assess.”

4 out of 5

Jan 16 2023   Essential skin food

“So far noticing my skin looking more youthful and less dull!”

4 out of 5

Jan 7 2023   Review

“I have noticed some improvement in my wrinkles although I thought I would see more improvement by now. However, I am going to continue using this and I am hopeful the effects I desire will be achieved. I do think this is probably the best product I have found. Thanks so much.”

4 out of 5

Jan 6 2023   Essential Skin Food

“I'm about to start the third bottle of Essential Skin Food and I'm very impressed. I've used several other collagen products and have not gotten as good a result as I have with this product. I plan to keep using it daily!”

4 out of 5

Dec 30 2022   Essentially Skin

“I’ve been taking this for about 2.5 months now. I notice my skin is definitely getting smoother and not as dry. I will continue using this product. Thank you Maggie for sharing & making your secret available to all!”

5 out of 5

Dec 29 2022   Great Product!

“I’m 76 years old. I’m on my third bottle of Essential Skin, and I have seen a huge improvement in the dark circles under my eyes, the crease between my eyes from eyestrain, the marionette creases are less noticeable, and my skin overall, is much improved. I would definitely recommend this product and encourage everyone to give it a try. I will be ordering more bottles. Thank you, Maggie!”

4 out of 5

Dec 29 2022   ESF so far...

“After using Essential Skin Food for just over two weeks now, my skin seems clearer and brighter, not quite as tight and wrinkle-free as I was hoping. But it's early days, so I'm looking forward to further progress in the NY!”

4 out of 5

Dec 25 2022   Decent

“I have just noticed in the third week of using this product that the lines around my eyes are almost gone. Under my eyes still looks the same. I feel different though. I have seen enough of a positive change that I will keep taking this supplement . Can’t wait to see how I look and feel in a few more months.”

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