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The Reviews Are In!

Activated You prides itself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. The Activated You reviews below are from actual customers.

Morning Complete Reviews

5 out of 5

I wish I could give Maggie Q and great big hug. Thank you. High quality ingredients Go try this amazing product. How many reviews do you need people? I would...


5 out of 5

Using since 2019

This is a 5-star product. I have been using this formula since 2019. Every so often, I let my jar run out, and I panic about getting an order through....


5 out of 5

Love Morning Complete!

I have hesitation before I buy it. What if, it is just marketing and won't work for me? But I am using it for more than 3 months and I...


5 out of 5

Apple flavor better than citrus

My first order of the Morning Complete Apple Cinnamon flavor was great. Definitely felt a change. After first 3 jars, I decided to try the Citrus flavor. Sadly, it had...


5 out of 5

The Best

I'm on my second container of Morning Complete.....I've noticed I have more energy. I actually JUMP out of bed in the morning. Definitely will purchase again!!


5 out of 5

Love this stuff!!!!

I have some medical issues so going to the bathroom is an issue due to my medication. I have had to take something to help with that for several years...


5 out of 5

It works!

This product really works. It took about 3 weeks for me to notice a decrease in my cravings for sweets and a little increase in my energy level. But the...


5 out of 5

Excellent product

My constant bloating is gone, and I have been able to lose weight. The amount of weight is not so much, but I can tell the difference in how my...

Noel Norton

5 out of 5

Integral part of my morning routine !

I've been using morning complete for about a year now. The bloating is gone! I'm regular. I've been able to reach my goal weight with a total loss of 30...


5 out of 5


I have regained a lot of my energy.. I must admit it took a while (finished the first jar with not much change) and after starting my second jar, I...



Advanced Restorative Probiotic Reviews

5 out of 5

Morning Complete

Only been taking Morning Complete for a couple of weeks but already feel less bloated, and more energy!


5 out of 5

Works Better Than Expected

I have taken different Probiotics over the years, it seems after a year or two, my body gets used to them and they long longer work to keep me regular....

Melissa S

5 out of 5

Morning complete

This stuff really works


5 out of 5

Does it help

Give a pick up in the morning helps digestion

Morning complete

5 out of 5

Morning Complete

Very good product


5 out of 5

Feeling regular

Been taking about 30 days now. Not as constipated as I was still not "going" daily. Working on diet now. Good product and only product I've taken that had gotten...


5 out of 5

Morning Complete

Best product ever


5 out of 5

Morning Complete

I work full time and I've been taking morning Complete for about a month now. I really like it. I drink it first thing in the morning around 9am. I...


5 out of 5


I felt good energy and no bloating. I have been taking Morning complete nearly for a month. I am going to try other products


5 out of 5

Morning complete

I have been taking it now for about three weeks, and I feel good about it so far. I have been using the bathroom regularly which is great for me....

Valerie Griffin


AdrenaLife Reviews

5 out of 5

Step in the right direction

Adrenal Life is not a silver bullet. It will not replace a good diet or good sense. However, for me, it has made digestion easier and given me the energy...


5 out of 5

Great product

I have more energy and focus in the morning and during the day. Great product!


5 out of 5

Great product

I have more energy and focus in the morning and during the day. Great product!


5 out of 5

Would not have believed it

My spouse and I have worked high adrenaline jobs for decades and we have had to deal with the negative impact on our systems. I decided to try this product...


5 out of 5

Excellent all around product!

I love this product! My mood stays regulated with this product. I used to take most of these ingredients separately but now they are all in these capsules which makes...


5 out of 5

Good product

Overall gave me back focused energy


5 out of 5


I take it at night about 2hrs before going to bed and I get a great night sleep waking up refreshed! I stop taking melatonin and switch to adrenalife and...

Kate Curry

5 out of 5

I feel happy!

Thank you Adrenalife! You have given me a much needed summer of fun. I feel that with this product I have been calmer and could control my stress levels better....


5 out of 5

Great stuff

Lots of energy and feeling a little less stress.


5 out of 5

Adrenal Life

I have been fighting fatigue and foggy for a while now and I started taking this about 3 weeks ago and so far I have noticed an increase in energy...



Mito Vitality Reviews

5 out of 5

Great Product

Was very skeptical. Definitely notice energy. Love the digestive enzyme it contains. I have been Definitely going to bathroom more anxious to get gut health in check with products I...


5 out of 5

Mito Vitality

Mito Vitality seems like good stuff. I use it 3 times a week.

Kris Moran

5 out of 5

Pure Clean Energy

I love this supplement. The energy comes on smooth and lasts. I'm able to drink this before a long hike and or ride, and where a typical energy drink with...

Jason S.

5 out of 5

Mitro Vitality Works

I’m happy I ordered this product. My mid-day slumps are a thing of the past. Moreover, I don’t have indigestion issues now.

Straty Girl

5 out of 5

Love the energy I get from this!

When I first started taking the Mito Vitality, I had lots of energy. I thought maybe it was just me suddenly getting some energy so I quit taking it for...


5 out of 5

Feeling Great

This has been the boost that I’ve been needing for far too long!


5 out of 5

Mito Vitality

Taste great, easy to drink, and im having better bowel movements which makes my days much more enjoyable I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks now. Thanks so...


5 out of 5


I feel a little more energetic and eat more but I have not gained weight.


5 out of 5

Tastes great, not over stimulating

I don't take this product daily, but instead when I feel afternoon sluggishness is in my future. Lifts smoothly, no jitters or irritability, and honestly tastes great.


5 out of 5


I love the smooth energy that comes from this. I also love the digestive enzymes that it contains. Great product that I’ll continue to use after I initially bought to...



ActivatedYou FAQs

What Is ActivatedYou®?

ActivatedYou® is a wellness company dedicated to helping people feel their best. We believe that in order to help someone, you need to treat every dimension of them – mind, body, and spirit.

Our unique formulas blend the latest scientific advancements in the field of nutrition with age-old Eastern traditions and ingredients for unique, effective formulas designed to help revolutionize health and improve lives.

We stand behind every single one of our formulated products, and we want you to feel as good about them as we do. That’s why your purchase is protected by the ActivatedYou® Promise. If you’re not thrilled with your purchase for any reason, simply return it within 90 days – used or unused – and our top-notch customer service team will issue you a refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

What Are Probiotics?†*

Bacteria gets a bad rap. Some people associate bacteria with harmful germs that should be avoided. But certain types of bacteria – including probiotics – are extremely important for optimal health.

Probiotics are microorganisms that live in the human gut. Believe it or not, your gut is host to many, many microorganisms – by some counts, 100 trillion! Probiotics or “good” bacteria can support your body during digestion, vitamins production, and so much more.

Your body is also a host to “bad” or potentially harmful bacteria. When the bad bacteria overpowers the good, this can lead to certain health issues.1

A balanced gut flora on the other hand, contains healthy gut bacteria that may help you maintain a healthy weight, digest food, support your energy levels, and reach an optimal level of wellness.2

Feeling unbalanced? A probiotic blend may help. Probiotic-supplements are a way to help add beneficial bacteria to your body.

How Do ActivatedYou Probiotic Products Work?†*

ActivatedYou probiotics, including the Advanced Restorative Probiotic, are some of the most potent probiotic formulas on the market. They’re formulated to help revolutionize your health from the inside out.

Advanced Restorative Probiotic feeds your digestive system the healthy bacteria it needs to perform at peak level every day. After all, proper digestive health is the key to total-body wellness.

ActivatedYou probiotic supplements can help support:

  • Digestive health and comfort
  • Mood and energy levels
  • Immune function
  • Skin health
  • Fewer frustrating gut issues3
ActivatedYou Review – Could These Products Help You Slim Down?†*

At first glance, you may not see how gut health and weight loss could be related. However, they are closely intertwined.

When scientists compared the gut bacteria of moderate weight individuals to overweight individuals, they found something interesting. Overweight individuals tend to have less diversity in their gut bacteria than their leaner counterparts.4,5 Studies have gone on to show that people who lack diversity in their gut gain weight more easily than those who have a diverse gut flora.6

Although microscopic, your gut bacteria can play a huge role in your overall health. And yes, improving the quality of your gut flora may support your weight loss goals. Adding diversity to your gut bacteria is just one of the potential benefits you may get from ActivatedYou products.

Are ActivatedYou Products Quality-checked?

Quality is our number one priority here at ActivatedYou. All of our naturally-derived formulas go through rigorous testing for quality, purity, and potency at an independent third-party facility. When you support your body with with ActivatedYou products, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting high quality ingredients — and can start living your most vibrant, healthy lifestyle possible.

As with any dietary supplement or health-related matter, you’ll always want to consult your doctor before making changes or starting something new.

Where Do I Buy Activated You Products?

ActivatedYou products are only available on the ActivatedYou website: There, you’ll find the resources, education, and support you need to find potent, powerful, life-changing supplements that will make you feel your best. You can also check out ActivatedYou reviews on each of our products.

Here at ActivatedYou, we believe that to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to connect with yourself, with others, and with your environment. That’s why we’ve created a hub of information for like-minded, wellness-oriented people to gather and take charge of their health.

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.