About ActivatedYou™

We believe that to help someone, you need to treat them as a whole person – mind, body and spirit. And that’s what we strive to do through our products and education, every single day. We strive to approach health problems right from the source, to help you live your healthiest, happiest life.

About the ActivatedYou™ Team

Maggie Q

Maggie Q was born in Honolulu Hawaii, and has traveled the globe since her upbringing. A humanitarian and activist for animal rights and a health advocate for all, Maggie Q is a woman on a mission. As an actor, best known for her role as “Nikita” in the hit series of the same name, along with roles in Mission Impossible III, Divergent, Live Free or Die Hard and now starring alongside Keifer Sutherland in the hit ABC drama Designated Survivor, Maggie uses her name and fame to passionately advocate for those in need.

Maggie’s struggles with her own health led her to do extensive research in the world of nutrition, and her friends will now tell you Maggie knows more about what to do to look and feel your best than most nutritionists or dietitians!

She has partnered with Dr. de Mello in ActivatedYou™ to share what she has learned to help people everywhere live healthier, happier lives. Maggie’s message of health goes further than just our own bodies. She believes in making the connection between human health, animal well-being, and environmental sustainability. It’s this message that has driven Maggie to educate not only those around her, but to participate in entering a new paradigm for the many.

Edison de Mello, MD, PhD

Dr. Edison de Mello is a Board Certified Integrative Medicine Physician by the American Board of Physician specialty (ABPS), a member of the American Board of Family Medicine, and a licensed psychotherapist by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. He is the Founder and Medical Director of the world-renowned Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, CA.

At the Akasha Center, Dr. de Mello has treated thousands of patients from across the spectrum using his signature east-meets-west approach. His patients include moms, dads, families, professionals, small business owners – as well as Hollywood celebrities and athletes who are committed to staying healthy and vibrant.

In addition to his work at the Akasha Center, Dr. de Mello writes for a variety of publications and is a frequent guest on integrative medicine-related podcasts. He has most recently contributed a chapter on Food Addiction to Dr. Andrew Weil’s upcoming new book; Integrative Approaches to Addiction.

Dr. de Mello believes that physicians should always “meet their patient before meeting their condition” – a belief that he puts into practice every day – and is proud to carry over to his work as Medical Director and Cofounder here at ActivatedYou.

New to Supplements and Holistic Nutrition?

Don’t worry. We know how confusing it is so we’ve drawn on our many years experience to give you a starting point. That’s why we’ve curated an assortment of the most potent, powerful, life-changing supplements on the market today. We promise: ActivatedYou™ by Akasha Naturals will only bring you the cream of the crop when it comes to supplements, and we back our products up with our 90-day customer satisfaction promise. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.