Hollywood Actress Tells All: “I Felt Bloated, Tired, and Unhealthy… Now I Know Why”

Los Angeles — Until recently, actress Maggie Q was best known for her roles in hit shows like ‘Nikita’ and ‘Designated Survivor.’

But now, she’s making headlines for a very different reason — after women all over the country began reporting sudden changes in their health, and even their physical appearance.

It should be stated that the changes are all extremely positive (including increased energy, brighter skin, improved digestion, and better mood).

But what does the 37-year-old actress have to do with this peculiar health phenomenon?

It all started last month, when Maggie released a candid video about her decade-long struggle with abdominal bloating, fatigue, digestive problems, and mood swings.

The admission itself wasn’t particularly surprising — after all, millions of women struggle with these issues every day. However, what Maggie revealed next was completely unexpected.

If you’ve already seen Maggie’s video, you know that today, she is virtually free from persistent stomach issues and exhaustion (and why). If not, you can view the video — and learn about Maggie’s life-changing “health ritual” — below.

However, here’s what health experts want you to know before trying it for yourself:

  1. Maggie’s technique is most effective for men and women over 30. (The boost of energy it provides may not be as dramatic in younger individuals, who experience sluggishness and fatigue less often.)
  2. While most people will experience a visible “belly-flattening” effect, this is not intended to replace a healthy diet or exercise.
  3. The most important step in Maggie’s process takes less than a minute — however, you must commit to doing it daily, or you won’t see the same results.

If you’re looking to restore your body’s health and vitality, but can’t meet the requirements above, you may want to consider alternative wellness options. Otherwise, please watch the presentation below in its entirety to get started.