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Blocks from the beach, in one of the healthiest neighborhoods in L.A., there’s a sacred place. Here, people of all ages and cultures seek wellness of mind, body, and spirit – because they know The Akasha Center is a legendary “healing sanctuary.”

In fact, those who visit the center also know they’ll see a doctor who believes in healing the whole person when treating and preventing disease. That doctor is Dr. Edison de Mello, and he believes a patient’s healthiest self can be discovered where the groundbreaking scientific advances of the West meet the time-honored traditions and wisdom of Eastern medicine.

Meet Dr. de Mello…

Dr. Edison de Mello, MD, PhD, is the founder of The Akasha Center. He’s also both the Director of the Men’s Clinic, and the Chief Medical Officer at Akasha. Not only is he a board certified Integrative Physician, he’s also a licensed psychotherapist who practiced psychotherapy for well over a decade before even entering his medical training.

Having always dreamed of being able to help and heal, Dr. de Mello pursued his education at University of North Texas where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, an MA in Psychology, and a doctoral degree in Health and Human Services/Psychology. But Dr. de Mello didn’t stop there, he continued his work at Ross University School of Medicine before completing most of his medical student clinical rotations at University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Hospitals – one of the country’s most renowned medical programs.

Once his training was complete, Dr. de Mello was finally able to follow act on his dream and build a center where psychology and fully integrated Western and Eastern medicines could inform one another… giving patients the most well rounded healthcare possible – care that would focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

What is integrative medicine?

Simply put, integrative medicine is an approach to patient care that focuses on the patient first. It acknowledges the total spectrum of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental influences that affect the patient’s health. You could say integrative medicine is big picture medicine – it takes into account the patient’s whole life.

The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine

Now, The Akasha Center’s approach to evidence-based integrative medicine combines the most cutting-edge medical research with a “whole-person” path to comprehensive wellness. In fact, you can tell Dr. de Mello has set up something special at Akasha just by looking at the services he and his team offer –


Chinese Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine


Herbal Medicine



Age Management

IV Nutritional Therapy
Therapeutic Massage
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Physical Therapy

Furthermore, The Akasha Center is unique in its calm, welcoming setting – a converted Santa Monica quaint bungalow home – where the staff do all they can to synergistically help patients along their respective paths to wellness. But, Dr. de Mello couldn’t just stop with Akasha…

Dr. de Mello’s newest healing endeavor – ActivatedYou

Turns out, Dr. de Mello wanted to make the holistic power of his practices at Akasha accessible to everyone – no matter where they live. So, he’s been laboring for quite some time to develop a brand new website, community, and line of dietary supplements. And, finally, he’s ready to share his latest wellness development – ActivatedYou.

ActivatedYou blends ancient Eastern traditions with Western medicine, helping restore your body to its natural state of vibrant health via powerful formulas designed with your best health and vigor in mind.

That’s why he’s launching a brand new probiotic – Advanced Restorative Probiotic

Now sure, there are various probiotics already on the market, but few are as powerful as Advanced Restorative. That’s because it’s scientifically-advanced formula starts by priming your digestive system with 30 strains of healthy bacteria, so your body’s at its best, day after day. Advanced restorative can help –

  • Improve the overall health
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve your digestion
  • Increase energy
  • Renew your complexion and revive the look of a healthy glow

In fact, people who’ve been treated by Dr. de Mello for years are so thrilled he’s expanding his reach, they’ve been coming out of the woodwork to share their opinions. You might even recognize some of their names…

Dr. Edison de Mello | ActivatedYou


Here are just a few things Dr. de Mello’s celebrity patients had to say:

“Akasha Naturals is my go-to for supplements. The Immune Support turns away any sickness I feel coming on.” – Julia Roberts, Actor

“I’m not fond of the antiseptic and anti-personal feeling that one generally gets when walking into a doctor’s office. I get the very opposite when I walk into the Akasha Center. I feel a genuine interest and concern for my well-being. With both the Akasha Center and Akasha Naturals, I’m happy I will never have to experience anything but strong and unwavering dedication to my care.” – Peter Horton, Writer/Director (”Grey’s Anatomy”)

I’ve never experienced such a comprehensive and loving approach to understanding my own body. The strength and elation I feel everyday is due to Dr. de Mello’s and (Akasha’s) dedication. -Maggie Q., Actor

The Future of Integrative Medicine

More and more, people are coming to realize the wonderful benefits of a healthcare approach that combines Eastern-inspired homeopathy and Western naturopathic medicine. Dr. de Mello and his staff pride themselves on ensuring precisely that kind of care, only they can’t help but add a little something extra – heart.

So, read more about Dr. Edison de Mello, The Akasha Center, and ActivatedYou online . He’s on the frontline of the integrative medicine revolution. And, rest assured Dr. de Mello has taken great care to create only the highest quality, most cutting-edge formulas to help improve your health and general well-being.

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